Opera Cheats with Opera Five - "Salome", in which I am beheaded 

Opera Five, one of my favourite companies to work with in the world, produces a series of videos called "Opera Cheats", 2-3 minute hilarious summaries of various operas. I happily joined them for their latest video, a summary of "Salome", where I got to rant wildly, wear a green screen suit, and suffer an untimely separation of my head from my body. Check it out below! 

"Do It Anyway/ Heaven on Their Minds" A Ben Folds Jesus Christ Superstar Mash-Up 

I was in Ottawa this weekend for the baptism of my little nephew, Julian. His Dad (my brother-in-law), Tyler Kealey, is an amazing singer/songwriter based out of the city. In between baptism preperations, we managed to get a little jam session in - a cover of one of my favourite Ben Folds mash-ups, "Do it Anyway" with Judas's opening song from Jesus Christ Superstar, "Heaven on their Minds". Enjoy!  

Fall Update 2013 

This Fall has proven to be a busy one for me, and in all the right ways. I just finished up a run of a trio of Edgar Allen Poe operas with up and coming company Opera 5. I played the role of Fortunato, the unfortunate man who ends up walled in alive in The Cask of the Amontillado, and the Dying Man in The Masque of the Red Death, which also involved some walling up alive for me. The show was incredibly well received… Read more

Fall Update 2012  

Bad singer, bad! Like so many people who valiantly create blogs with the intention of keeping them regularly updated and interesting, I have fallen off the band wagon, and failed to update my blog in months. But here I am, so all is forgiven...right?  I just wanted to go over some exciting news from the past couple months, and what I have planned coming ahead.  In the summer, I signed up with Warren Beatty… Read more